Saadi Abdul Rahim Hassan Al Rais


Saadi Abdul Rahim Hassan Al RaisSaadi Abdul Rahim Hassan Al Rais, one of the most respected shipping industrialists in the UAE, was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Dubai World in December 2010. He carries with him impeccable credentials as an industry leader.

He is the Group Managing Director of Rais Hassan Saadi Group, a leading commercial enterprise based in Dubai. Mr Al Rais has steered his vast company through a series of major expansions in the past 30 years.

With branch offices in all major UAE and GCC ports, the Subcontinent and East Africa, Rais Hassan Saadi Group’s core activities are shipping, transportation and logistics, with interests in insurance and travel services.

As head of a 101-year-old company, Mr Al Rais brings with him to Dubai World a deep understanding of the region’s supply chain business, including expertise in diverse disciplines, ranging from container shipping to cruise liners.

Mr Al Rais’ expertise is widely sought and he is on the regional boards of numerous shipping companies and international container lines from Europe, Asia and Africa. He is the President of Dubai shipping agents association.